If you can see the need, you can meet the need.

Our Goal

Helping people connect with local charitable organizations to meet needs of people within their community.

How It Works

See the Needs is a FREE resource to find ways to serve your local community that use your passions, hobbies, talents, and interests to develop lasting connections with local charities and the people that they serve.

Each See the Needs City is organized by:

  • GET INVOLVED: Organizations, Churches, Urgent, Volunteer, Items Needed, Family Friendly, Jobs & Internships Participate by Age
  • PEOPLE: Elderly, Orphans, Women, etc.
  • INTERESTS: Arts & Crafts, Education, Nature, etc.
  • TOPICS: Addiction, Crisis, Hunger, etc.
  • DIRECTORY: Register, Login, Logout
  • INFO (Privacy Policy, etc.)
  • CONTACT (email City Sponsor, report an error, add a listing, etc.)

The city domain features a map of local organizations and charities actively serving people in the community. You can find organizations by the type of services they offer (such as “Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen” or “Hospice”) or by their location.

Why It Works

Why should charitable organizations participate in See the Needs? City-specific sites are designed to target an engaged audience actively looking to help in their city. By teaming up with the churches and volunteer groups that are actively involved in serving the community, See the Needs helps people-centered organizations directly advertise their needs and upcoming events to their target audience. You’re in direct communication with thousands of people looking to get involved. Instead of hoping the right people come across the information on your website or social media accounts, See the Needs is a central location where people can search for volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved that connect with the things that speak to them the most. When people are genuinely interested, they’ll come back. And that’s what we want for you, repeat helpers meeting your needs now and in the future.

“See the Needs is wonderful! At our behavioral health facility we had a need for Volunteer Advocates for IEP conferences for our students. Within 24 hours of the need being posted, we were contacted by several excellent advocate volunteers. Thank you See the Needs!”
— Lisa K., See the Needs: Raleigh

Organizations & Charities

Make Your Needs Known

See the Needs is a FREE service provided to the people-centered organizations and charities hard at work in their communities. If you want to post a need (example: The Women’s Shelter needs toiletries), it is FREE to set up an account.
We’ll add you to the map listing and set up your username and login information. We’re happy to assist you in posting your needs or you can sign into the site and post whenever is convenient for you. Bonus: all posts will get automatically posted to the See the Needs social media accounts to help raise the awareness level and promote sharing.

Becoming a See the Needs City

City Sponsor

The “City Sponsor” helps establish their city’s seetheneeds.com domain (example: raleigh.seetheneeds.com) by working with us to build the network of organizations listed on the site, aiding in posting needs, and spreading the word locally. We want to provide an efficient and effective resource to help those who are leading the way in serving their local communities. To be at its best, See the Needs requires someone familiar with their city to be a locally-based contact for the charities and organizations. Someone who invests in their community is the best option to manage a site connecting people who want to help with the people who need help. Don’t worry, See the Needs will be available to assist the City Sponsor with any questions that may arise. If you’re interested in being a City Sponsor, please contact us!