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Visual Guide to Posting Needs & Events

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Visual Guide for Posting Needs and Events on See the Needs sites. You may use the Guide Sections menu to the left to jump to the section you need. Otherwise, read on for a complete how-to from login to publish.


You will need your username and password to log into your site. You will find the link to the login page in the site navigation, under Menu > Directory > Login.

Menu Tab Directory

You can also go directly to the login page by adding /login/ to the end of your See the Needs city url.


You'll find yourself on the login page where you can review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Enter your username and password, then click the LOG IN button.


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Create New Post:

After you have logged into the See the Needs site, you will be on your Membership Account page. Choose the Add New Need/Event button. This will take you to the Add New Post page.

Add New Need/Event

Add New Post

Your need/event post will need 4 main things: a title, content, categories, and linked buttons. Below is an example of what the Add New Post page looks like.

The main column has the following content areas:

  • Title — Give your post a descriptive title that will get attention.
  • Content — Give the details and description of your need or event. Make sure to include the necessary contact info.
  • Add Linked Buttons — Enter the http:// address in the blank to have the button appear at the top of your post. Use as many as appropriate.

The column on the right has checkboxes for the following:

  • Categories — Church / Organization (Choose ONE); Need / Event (Choose ONE)
  • Focus — Do you need volunteers, donated items, and is the need urgent? Do you have job/internship openings? (Choose all that apply)
  • Paricipant — The age of the people you want to volunteer or to attend your event (Choose all that apply)
  • People Served — The types of people your need or event is hoping to serve (Choose all that apply)
  • Related Interests — The areas of interest that are related to your need or event (Choose all that apply)
  • Topics — The topics related to your need or event (Choose all that apply)

Click on the image to see as a full screen. Image will open in a new tab.
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After you have written a descriptive title, provided detailed content with contact info, added linked buttons, and chosen your all of your relevant categories, you're ready to publish. At the top of your Add New Post screen you'll find a Publish button. Click that and it will go live. All posts published on See the Needs sites also automatically post to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.


Once you are done publishing, click the Log Out Of Account button and you will be redirected to the All Needs & Events feed where you will see your newly published need/event.

Log Out Of Account

Important! Please Note:

See the Needs is FREE for organizations and churches to post. However, we gladly accept financial support from organizations, local businesses, and individuals who believe in the See the Needs mission. Any financial support provided goes directly towards covering operating costs and marketing materials.


We hope this Visual Guide has answered your questions on how to post on See the Needs sites, but if you require further assistance, please contact your City Sponsor via the Contact form on your See the Needs site. Thank you!

If you can see the need, you can meet the need.

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